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Receive 1 bottle of Philip Carter wine every four weeks at a 20% discount.

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PCW Users Choice Club

  • Receive 1 bottle every four weeks, which you will receive for 20% off!
  • Don’t care for the bottle we pick? You will have the opportunity to log in to your online account and trade it out prior to charging!
  • Enjoy a 10% discount on all other wine purchases, including additional bottles, tastings, and glasses when you visit!
  • Enjoy 10% off select PCW events.
  • This is a pick-up only club with no automatic shipping option. Shipments may be requested separately via email to for an additional charge. Specific bottles are guaranteed to be available up to 2 months after charge; after 2 months, we cannot guarantee the availability of specific wines, and a substitution may be required at pickup.
  • Club membership benefits are effective after the first successful charge at signup.
  • No annual contract or commitment. Cancelation is effective one week after notice. To cancel written notice to is required.
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June's recommended wine is the 2018 Viognier.

As a reminder, you are welcome to make changes to your selection by logging in to your account online. Your bottle will be charged on 6.17.2020 at a 20% discount. You must select at least 1 bottle for this shipment. You are also more than welcome to add additional bottles to your charge as well at the 20% discount. If no changes are made, the recommended bottle will be charged to your account. You will be able to pick up your bottle during business hours any time after you have received the receipt by email. 

If you would like to have your package shipped to you, we request that you add at least 1 additional bottle to your charge as the smallest packaging boxes we have are for 2 bottles.

For any questions contact us at

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2014 Chardonnay
2014 Chardonnay 750mL
$30.00 (List Price)
$24.00 ($6.00 savings)
2014 Shirley Chardonnay
2014 Shirley Chardonnay 750mL
$30.00 (List Price)
$24.00 ($6.00 savings)
2015 Shirley Chardonnay
2015 Shirley Chardonnay 750mL
$30.00 (List Price)
$24.00 ($6.00 savings)
2016 Shirley Chardonnay
2016 Shirley Chardonnay 750mL
$30.00 (List Price)
$24.00 ($6.00 savings)
2017 Sabine Hall Viognier
2017 Sabine Hall Viognier 750mL
$32.00 (List Price)
$25.60 ($6.40 savings)
2018 Sabine Hall Viognier
2018 Sabine Hall Viognier 750mL
$32.00 (List Price)
$25.60 ($6.40 savings)
2019 Governor Fauquier
2019 Governor Fauquier 750mL
$24.00 (List Price)
$19.20 ($4.80 savings)
2019 Cameo Rose Wine
2019 Cameo Rose Wine 750mL
$29.00 (List Price)
$23.20 ($5.80 savings)
2017 Ten Vines Red
2017 Ten Vines Red 750mL
$35.00 (List Price)
$28.00 ($7.00 savings)
2016 Corotoman
2016 Corotoman 750mL
$40.00 (List Price)
$32.00 ($8.00 savings)
2016 Cleve
2016 Cleve 750mL
$45.00 (List Price)
$36.00 ($9.00 savings)
2017 Sweet Danielle
2017 Sweet Danielle 375mL
$22.00 (List Price)
$17.60 ($4.40 savings)
2015 1762
2015 1762 500mL
$42.00 (List Price)
$33.60 ($8.40 savings)
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