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White Wines

2022 Shirley Chardonnay

This vintage is aged 60% in new & neutral French oak & 40% in stainless. On the nose, it presents vanilla & citrus notes. It's crisp acidity is present from start to finish, with characteristic buttery & oaky notes from the 100% malolactic fermentation. The zippy acidity tends to lend itself to fish, sich as halibut, cod, scallops, or crab, but chicken dish such as chicken alfredo would also pair beautifully.
Glass: $12.00 Bottle: $34.00 Club: $27.20


2022 Sabine Viognier

This unique stainless steel aged Viognier is less floral than is typical of the variety, with aromas of grapefruit, pear, & grass on the nose. The palate has a rounder weight to it than other whites & is well balanced by bright citrusy acidity & a small amount of natural residual sugar which lends to a higher alcohol content. Pairs well with poultry such as turkey, chicken, & pheasant, plus egg-based dishes.
Glass: $12.00 Bottle: $35.00 Club: $28.00


2022 Gov. Fauquier 

This off-dry white wine is 100% Vidal Blanc aged in stainless steel. Vidal Blanc's natural acidity is retained in this wine, making it a fantastic grape to use for off-dry wines. The sweetness & tartness complement each other perfectly. A Lively wine with notes of lemon & grass throughout the nose & palate. The perfect pairing to spicy cuisine like Mexican, Thai, curry, and sushi.
Glass: $11.00 Bottle: $32.00 Club: $25.60


2022 Rosewell Rosé

Made from 100% Chambourcin & fermented in stainless steel. This wine begins with aromatics of candied strawberry & cherry that carry throughout the palate. Along with a bright acidity that jumps out immediately on the front & lingers to the end. Surprisingly full bodied & dark for a rose. This wine pairs well with salads, seafood, & poultry.
Glass: $10.00 Bottle: $29.00 Club: $23.20

Red Wines

2022 Valley View Red
This medium body red blend of Cabernet Franc, Tannat, and Petit Verdot brings notes of black tea, black cherry, and a light hint of pepper. This young red blend is very versatile with its nice smooth finish. The Valley View Red  pairs well with barbeque, sausage, turkey, and wild game.
Glass: $11.00 Bottle: $32.00 Club: $25.60


2022 Nomini Hall Cabernet Franc

Though lighter in color visually, this vintage of our Cab Franc is still more of a medium bodied wine. On the nose you will find notes of black tea, strawberry, & violet, while the palate presents with flavors of cherry, shitake mushrooms, leather, and just a hint of pepper. This is an extremely versatile wine. It would pair well with dishes that include herbs such as dill, tarragon, fennel, & rosemary. This wine pairs best with roast chicken or rack of lamb.
Glass: $12.00 Bottle: $35.00 Club: $28.00


2022 Magnolia Farm Norton

This wine is a delicate  Norton Chambourcin blend. On the nose and palate, Norton dominates throughout with its distinct flavors of blackcurrent, black cherry, plum, & puckering acidity. More of a delicate and lighter bodied red, this wine has a deep, dark purple color typically found in more structured reds. Pairs well with barbeque, sausage, wild game, and other meats with heavy marinades. 
Glass: $12.00 Bottle: $35.00 Club: $28.00


2020 Cleve

A blend of 50% Tannat and 50% Petit Verdot, our flagship wine is aged for 12 months in French oak barrels. In our flagship blend, Tannat brings lots of jammy red fruit flavors such as blackberry, raspberry, & cassis. Petit Verdot lends more of a savory, earthy characteristic, plus robust acidity which increases aging potential. Extremely well integrated oak flavors of baking spices, plus a light vanilla note which extends the mid-palate. An excellent accompaniment to the most robust cuisine such as steak, prime rib and lamb. Stronger cheese like blue, stilton, & brie will pair nicely as well. 
Glass: $23.00 Bottle: $68.00 Club: $54.40

Dessert & Specialty Wines


2021 Sweet Danielle

Floral, rich and sweet. A very full-bodied white, our Sweet Danielle is a classic dessert wine which can be enjoyed on its own or with food. It has a rich texture and aromas of flowers and beeswax. On the palate, it is simultaneously smooth and bright. The natural acidity of Petit Manseng gives it a crisp finish. Wonderful after a meal, it also pairs well with spicy foods.
½ Glass: $9.00 Bottle: $25.00 Club: $20.00


2017 1762 (Port-Style)

This port-style wine is aged in Bourbon Whiskey barrels from A. Smith Bowman distillery for 60 months & fortified shortly after fermentation with high alcohol brandy. Sweet & high in alcohol, our 2017 vintage 1762 is another outstanding wine out of our Port program. Made from Chambourcin, the wine still retains its signature red fruit flavors. This fruit has integrated over 5 years with the oak & bourbon characteristics which come from used whiskey barrels. This leads to a complex flavor profile with notes including strawberry, sweet cherry, chocolate, caramel with a well developed smokiness holding it all together.
½ Glass: $18.00 Bottle $45.00 Club: $36.00

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(Weekends Only April through November)


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Glass: $9.00
Pitcher: $38.00
Howler: $28.00
Growler: $48.00

Additional Wine Club Exclusive Wines

2021 Verde

Fresh and green, the 2021 iteration of our Verde is made from 100% estate grown Seyval Blanc.  Seyval is a very vigorous variety which contributes more green flavors to the final wine.  On the nose and palate, notes of citrus and green apple dominate this wine from start to finish.  A light effervescence lifts the aromatics and contributes to the lively nature of this wine.  A wonderful palate cleanser before tasting other wines.

Wonderful with fresh seafood like sushi, fish tacos and shellfish.  Will pair well in a complimentary manor with rich cheeses and fatty meats. 

Bottle: $32.00 Club: $25.60


Philip Carter Wine Clubs


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Food Options

Bottle of Water ..... $2.00

Valley View Soda ..... $5.00
Cola, Root Beer, Birch Beer, Black Cherry Soda, Blackberry Cream Soda, or Blueberry Birch Beer

Goot Essa Cheddar Cheese - 4 oz Block ..... $9.00

Old German Mild Cheddar
Woodsmoked Cheddar
Garlic Cheddar
Oregano Cheddar
Pepper Jack Cheddar

Summer Sausage ..... $9.70

Cheese Basket ..... $14.00
Comes with a 4oz Cheese, Crackers

Cheese & Sausage Basket ..... $20.00
Includes everything in the Cheese Basket plus Summer Sausage

Olives ..... $2.00
Black Olives

Bread and Olive Oil ..... $15.00
Plain or Cheddar Cheese Focaccia with reg, Tuscan, or OItalian blend olive oil.


Souvanier Wine Glass ..... $7.00

Painted Wine Glass ..... $25.00

Wine Glass Cover ..... $3.00
Available in Black, Pink, Maroon, Teal, Green, Blue, & Purple

PCW Logo Shirt ..... $20.00
Available in S, M, L, & XL
Crew Neck Shirt Colors: Black, Pink, & Teal
V-Neck Shirt Colors: Black, Purple, & Irish Green

PCW Custom Crush Shirt ..... $16.00
Available in S, M, L, & XL
Colors Available: Black, Maroon, Teal, Purple, & Pink

PCW Logo Hat ..... $19.00
Colors Available: Stone, Black, Steel Blue, Maroon, & Pink

PC Signature Hat ..... $19.00
Colors Available: Stone, Black, Steel Blue, Maroon, & Pink

PCW Cork Keychain ..... $4.00

PCW Wine Pump ..... $15.00
PCW Pump Extra Stopper Pack ..... $5.50

VacuVin Wine Pump ..... $17.99
VacuVin Extra Stopper Pack ..... $10.49

PCW Picnic Blanket ..... $30.00
Rent one for $5.00

Wine Candles ..... $20.00

Cigar ..... $9.00

PCW Mug ..... $7.00

PCW Marron Heavy Corkscrew ..... $8.50

PCW Black Corkscrew ..... $7.00

Wine Bottle Tags
Pack of 50 ..... $8.99
Pack of 100 ..... $14.99

Mulling Spices ..... $8.50

Virginia Wine Travel Journal ..... $14.00

"Beyond Jefferson's Vines" Book ..... $19.99

PCW Wine Filled Chocolates
4 count box ..... $12.00
9 count box ..... $19.00

Noble Hive Honeys
Wildflower Honey
9.5 oz Jar ..... $12.99
13.5 oz Jar ..... $16.99

Valley View Products
9 oz Jars ..... $7.99
Pecan Apple Butter
Pumpkin Butter
Peach Butter
Grape Jelly
Moonshine Jelly
Apple Pie Preserves
Salsas ..... $8.99
Medium Summer Salsa
Peach Salsa
Peach Habanero Salsa
Pickles ..... $8.99
Bread & Butter
Sweet Garlic Dill
Hot Baby Dill
Sweet Baby Dill
Blackberry Splash Vinaigrette ..... $7.99
Blueberry Balsamic Vinaigrette ..... $7.99



Wine Tastings

4 Wine Tasting Flight ..... $15.00 per person
6 Wine Tasting Flight ..... $17.00 per person
               Full Tasting ..... $25.00 per person
          Seated Tasting ..... $30.00 per person


Other Experiences

Tour, Tasting & Picnic Experience ..... $40 per person
Offered at select times on Saturdays & Sundays
Estate Gazebo Rentals ..... $150 Rental Fee
2 1/2 Hour Rental (up to 15 people)