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White Wines

2019 Shirley Chardonnay

Made from 100% Chardonnay, a classic barrel-fermented Chardonnay, this is a very full-bodied white. Buttery on the nose, the primary flavors are those of the fruit – pineapple, oxidized apple, etc. With an extremely round texture, the wine finishes with notes of vanilla from the oak.
With such a full body, this is a white wine that can stand up to heavier food pairings – pork, rich and creamy sauces, egg-based dishes like quiche lorraine. A classic pairing with crab cakes.
Glass: $11.00 Bottle: $32.00 Club: $25.60


2020 Sabine Viognier

Our 2020 Sabine Hall Viognier was made entirely in stainless. A fresh, citrusy nose gives way to a very juicy wine on the palate. The palate is dominated by tropical fruit flavors.
Due to its weight, this is a white wine which can be paired with heavier dishes like pork, chicken, and rich creamy sauces. Its moderate acidity also lends it to pair extremely well with seafood.
Glass: $12.00 Bottle: $35.00 Club: $28.00


2020 Rosewell Rosé

This wine is made from 100% Chambourcin grape, aged in stainless, this wine is bursting with ripe fruit flavors of strawberry and melon distinctly found only in Rosé of Chambourcin. A medium to full bodied wine with moderate acidity makes it extremely approachable and refreshing.
Given its weight, it can be paired with richer foods – chicken, tomato-based dishes, and pork are an excellent match. Exceptional with a range of cheeses and cured meats, this wine is still delicate enough to pair nicely with a summer salad as well.
Glass: $10.00 Bottle: $29.00 Club: $23.20

Red Wines

2020 Nomini Hall Cabernet Franc

This Cabernet Franc is our first harvest from Strother Family Vineyards, our vineyard at Valley View Farm. It is a medium to full bodied fruit forward red with a distinct round, juicy texture. The presence of new oak is most distinct on the nose, with toasted notes and vanilla. Lots of red fruit flavors like sweet cherry, strawberry, and watermelon dominate the front and mid palates.
This is an extremely versatile wine in terms of food pairing – it has enough body to stand up to red meat, such a lamb, as well as lighter dishes, particularly tomato and vegetable based dishes and veal, duck, and pork.
Glass: $12.00 Bottle: $34.00 Club: $27.20


2020 Magnolia Farm Norton

Previously known as the Oatlands, the Magnolia Farms is our Norton and Chambourcin Blend. On the nose and palate, Norton dominates throughout with its distinct black raspberry flavor and puckering acidity. More of a delicate and lighter bodied red, this wine has a deep, dark purple color typically found in more structured reds.
Pairs well with barbeque, sausage, wild game, and other meats with heavy marinades.
Glass: $12.00 Bottle: $35.00 Club: $28.00


2019 Ten Vines Cabernet Sauvignon

The Ten Vines Cabernet Sauvignon is a well-structured, full bodied red. Cedar notes from the French and American Oak are very upfront on the nose. On the palate, the wine starts with a distinct black currant note, typically of Cabernet Sauvignon. Full on the mid palate, it has an extremely dry finish with lingering tannins.
A very full bodied red – the perfect accompaniment to steak, burgers, and barbeque.
(Brand New Wine)
Glass: $13.00 Bottle: $37.00 Club: $29.60


2019 Ten Vines Merlot

The Ten Vines Merlot is a full bodied, fruit driven Merlot with moderate acidity. The nose and front palate both present a lot of red fruit flavors – black cherry, strawberry and plum. The mid palate has a distinct note of graphite, extremely typical for Merlot.  Extremely soft tannins linger on the finish.
This wine pairs well with a range of foods, but mushrooms, pungent cheeses like Bleu and Stilton, and pork are excellent accompaniments.
(Brand New Wine) 
Glass: $13.00 Bottle: $39.00 Club: $31.20

Dessert & Specialty Wines


2020 Sweet Danielle

Our sweetest wine, Sweet Danielle is dominated by tropical fruit flavors throughout. A nose of melon and pineapple gives way to an extremely full bodied white. This texture comes from the high residual sugar, giving it a distinct richness sought after in dessert wines. Notorious for its high acidity, Petit Manseng is well utilized here, as its natural acidity balances nicely against the sweetness.
Great on its own as dessert, or with other desserts like cheesecake and white chocolate, it also pairs very well with spicy foods.
½ Glass: $9.00 Bottle: $25.00 Club: $20.00


2015 1762 (Port-Style)

Our wine club exclusive port-style wine is 100% Chambourcin aged in Bourbon Whiskey barrels from the A. Smith Bowman distillery for 38 months. It is fortified shortly after fermentation with high alcohol brandy and is both unfiltered and unfined. This wine shows an intense deep red color with orange hues from longer barrel aging. On the palate, it is full of ripe red fruit flavors, rich dark chocolate, and a touch of bourbon leading to a long-lasting finish.
This port is an after dinner sipping wine that pairs well with both mild goat cheese as well as aromatic blue cheese. A fine cigar is also a worthy companion for this wine.
½ Glass: $18.00 Bottle: ($42.00) Club: $33.60

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Valley View Hard Cider


VA Perfection Dry Cider

This cider is a refreshing dry cider, finished in oak, and lightly carbonated. A blend of Stayman, Fuji, and Red Delicious apples. The use of oak and lees aging has cut the tartness down, which provides a smooth, clean cider with very little residual sugar. While apple flavors dominate, this cider has a floral nose that is consistent in all our ciders and lingering finish of American oak.
Glass: $8.00 Howler: $25.00 Growler: $45.00


VA Apple Hard Cider

Featuring the same apple blend, the VA Apple was aged in Steel and is the sweeter of the two hard ciders. In this cider, the Stayman bring a nice tartness to the cider, which is nicely balanced by a slightly sweet finish coming from the Fuji. A surprisingly floral nose gives way to a nicely balanced palate that strikes a perfect balance between sweet and tart.
Glass: $8.00 Howler: $25.00 Growler: $45.00

(Weekends Only)


Ask which Sangrias are available today!

Glass: $8.00
Pitcher: $35.00
Howler: $25.00
Growler: $45.00
Add an Edible Sugar Straw for $1.00
Available in Strawberry and Lime



Additional Wine Club Exclusive Wines

2019 Shirley Chardonnay

Bottle: $32.00 Club: $25.60


2020 Sabine Hall Viognier

Bottle: $35.00 Club: $28.00


2020 Vhidal Verde

Inspired by a Vinho Verde, this is a lightly carbonated Vhidal Blanc.
Bottle: $32.00 Club: $25.60




Philip Carter Wine Clubs


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2 bottles every 4 weeks at $50
20% off Bottle Purchases, 50% off Cases Purchases, and 4 complementary Flights or Glasses
1 bottle every 4 weeks at 20% off
10 % off all other orders
10 Year Row adoption for $250
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Food Options

Bottle of Water ..... $2.00

Soda ..... $2.00
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, or Ginger Ale

Valley View Soda ..... $3.00
Cola, Root Beer, Birch Beer, Black Cherry Soda, Blackberry Cream Soda, or Blueberry Birch Beer

Baguette ..... $8.00

Goot Essa Chedar Cheese - 4 oz Block ..... $8.00
Old German Mild Cheddar
Woodsmoked Cheddar
Garlic Cheddar
Oregano Cheddar
Pepper Jack Cheddar

Summer Sausage ..... $9.50

Cheese Basket ..... $14.00
Comes with a 4oz Cheese, Crackers, & Some Chocolate
Upgrade to 16oz Goat Cheese for $6.00 
Upgrade Crackers to a 1/2 Baguette for $3.00
Upgrade Crackers to a full Baguette for $5.00

Cheese & Sausage Basket ..... $20.00
Includes everything in the Cheese Basket plus Summer Sausage
Upgrade to 16oz Goat Cheese for $6.00
Upgrade Crackers to a 1/2 Baguette for $3.00
Upgrade Crackers to a full Baguette for $5.00

Cheesecake In a Jar ..... $6.50
Classic, Apple, Tart Cherry, or Peach Vidal Blanc

Olives ..... $2.00
Green Olives, Black Olives, or Kalamata Olives

Other Snacks ..... $1.50
Trail Mix, Peanuts, Cashews, or Sunflower Seeds




Souvanier Wine Glass ..... $5.00

Painted Wine Glass ..... $25.00

Wine Glass Cover ..... $3.00
Available in Black, Pink, Maroon, Teal, Green, Blue, & Purple

PCW Logo Shirt ..... $20.00
Available in S, M, L, & XL
Crew Neck Shirt Colors: Black, Pink, & Teal
V-Neck Shirt Colors: Black, Purple, & Irish Green

PCW Custom Crush Shirt ..... $16.00
Available in S, M, L, & XL
Colors Available: Black, Maroon, Teal, Purple, & Pink

PCW Logo Hat ..... $19.00
Colors Available: Stone, Black, Steel Blue, Maroon, & Pink

PC Signature Hat ..... $19.00
Colors Available: Stone, Black, Steel Blue, Maroon, & Pink

PCW Cork Keychain ..... $4.00

PCW Wine Pump ..... $15.00
PCW Pump Extra Stopper Pack ..... $5.50

VacuVin Wine Pump ..... $17.99
VacuVin Extra Stopper Pack ..... $10.49

PCW Picnic Blanket ..... $30.00
Rent one for $5.00

Wine Candles ..... $20.00

Cigar ..... $9.00

PCW Mug ..... $7.00

PCW Marron Heavy Corkscrew ..... $8.50

PCW Black Corkscrew ..... $7.00

Wine Bottle Tags
Pack of 50 ..... $8.99
Pack of 100 ..... $14.99

Mulling Spices ..... $5.00

Virginia Wine Travel Journal ..... $14.00

"Beyond Jefferson's Vines" Book ..... $19.99


PCW Wine Filled Chocolates

4 count box ..... $12.00
9 count box ..... $19.00


Noble Hive Honeys

Wildflower Honey
9.5 oz Jar ..... $12.99
13.5 oz Jar ..... $16.99
Orchard Blossom Honey
9.5 oz Jar ..... $12.99


Valley View Products

9 oz Jars ..... $4.99
Pecan Apple Butter
Pumpkin Butter
Peach Butter
Grape Jelly
Moonshine Jelly
Apple Pie Preserves
Salsas ..... $6.99
Medium Summer Salsa
Peach Salsa
Peach Habanero Salsa
Cinnamon Apple Sauce ..... $6.99
Pickels ..... $6.99
Bread & Butter
Sweet Garlic Dill
Hot Baby Dill
Sweet Baby Dill
Blackberry Splash Vinaigrette ..... $7.99
Blueberry Balsamic Vinaigrette ..... $7.99






Wine Tastings

4 Wine Tasting Flight ..... $12.00 per person
6 Wine Tasting Flight ..... $14.00 per person
Seated Tasting ..... $20.00 per person


Other Experiences

Tour, Tasting & Picnic Experience ..... $30 per person
Offered at select times on Saturdays & Sundays
Estate Gazebo Rentals ..... $150 Rental Fee
2 1/2 Hour Rental (up to 15 people)